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My parents’ garden

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La Bambouseraie en Cévennes

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A Dutch Mediterranean Garden

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Visit : Van Buuren Gardens

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Hex, a garden delight

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Hortus Botanicus Leiden

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Stay : Le Petit Manoir de la Vernelle, Normandy

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National Botanical Garden

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Verbeke Foundation, a jungle of art

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The National Library’s hidden rooftop garden (Closed)

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Insel Hombroich, art parallel to nature

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Rouge Cloître, where nature meets history and art

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Floralia Brussels, the splendor of spring

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Hallerbos, the Purple Fairytale Forest

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Jardins du Fleuriste , a park with a touch of design

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Tournay-Solvay park, a romantic microcosmos

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Dieweg Cemetery, a romantic jungle of tombstones

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Woluwe Park, a touch of England in Brussels

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