After 20 years of keeping some plants in pots on a tiny balcony the time is ready to get a garden again. We bought a nice piece of land on a hill in Wallonia. It’s about 1600 yd² (13 are) big and has a height difference of 11 meters (36 ft.) from the front to the back. The slope faces to the east. It used to be a garden before, but has been neglected for years and years. Before we bought the land, the previous owners have unfortunately cut down most of the trees . Only a big oak in the back, two smaller walnut trees, a cherry tree and an apple tree survived. The coming year the situation will drastically change, as our house will be built  and some serious earthworks will happen in the front part of the land.

What we know is that we’ll go for an organic garden where we’ll try to attract as much life as possible to keep it in balance. A garden that gives us fruits, flowers and vegetables, but also a garden to enjoy, explore and make people and animals feel welcome. Let’s hope we succeed.

The Garden 06/2016