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Hello, my name is Stefan. I always loved city life, but then you come at an age where the call of nature and a real garden grows stronger and stronger. I am at that age now and so we bought a piece of land on a hill in a tiny village in Wallonia. On that land we will build our house, but even more importantly, start our organic garden. As I was writing bobobrussels (a blog about lovely Brussels, travel, food and city life ) in the past, I thought it would be a nice idea to switch to a blog about the green life. Follow my garden adventures, get ideas to visit parks and gardens, get directions for nature walks.

Our Garden : Spring Update 2018

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Botanical Gardens of Lisbon


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Our Garden : planning/planting a semi-prairie garden

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Our Garden : The natural swimming pond

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Jardim de Cactus Lanzarote

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Arboretum of Wespelaar

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Park and gardens of Chateau de Canon

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Jardins du Pays d’Auge

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Le Jardin Plume

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Jardins d’Angelique

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Museum garden Gaasbeek

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Walk : The Hoëgne Valley

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Our Garden : A garden from scratch ?

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Walk : The Ninglinspo Valley

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The ruins of Villers Abbey

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Planting a small orchard

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Middelheim Open-air museum

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Europe’s biggest Japanese Garden

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Le Jardin du Mesnil – Normandy

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Water gardens of Annevoie

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Antwerp’s Botanical Garden

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