IMG_1187It has been a while since my last post here on Springhill Stories and the reason why is that most of our free time goes to building our new home. Now that the house is only some months away from completion (let’s stay optimistic), I already start thinking of the next step : Our garden. When I walk around on the building site it’s hard to imagine how it will be like, as they still have landscape the land, but I don’t completely start from scratch. Let’s have a look what is already there.

IMG_1192Our piece of land is on quite a slope, especially at the back the slope is quite steep. This part has been largely spared from the bulldozers, and last autumn we have planted some fruit trees and loads of bulbs. This will be the wild meadow and orchard part of the garden, and it’s already living up to it’s expectations. Unfortunately one of the planted apple trees doesn’t seem to have survived the winter, but the rest does seem to do just fine. The old cherry tree and the newly planted “Jefkespeer” pear tree are in full blossom and the delicate pink flowers of the peach tree are a real delight. We already had lot’s of crocus flowers and now is the time of the daffodils.

IMG_1193In the very small patch of forest behind the new garden shed the wild arum and pilewort are doing well. So although we are still far from a “real” garden, a lot of plants, natural and planted are already giving it a go. The wild bees in our bee hotel seem to approve.
IMG_1202So this was my first sign of life this spring and hopefully I’ll find some time to come back to you soon again. In the meanwhile I’ll gather ideas for the future garden, make the final plans for the natural swimming pond and dream already about the planting season this autumn. See you !