dscf2209This weekend we took the chance to redo a beautiful walk we did in spring some years ago. As winter is in full swing we thought the valley of the Ninglinspo with its little waterfalls and rapids should be quite a great place for a walk, and we were not disappointed. The romantic sounding Ninglinspo is only 3500 meters long, but with an incline of on average 7.5 % it makes it a quite characterful stream. dscf2214
You will encounter some smaller waterfalls and some great water coves, all with mysterious names as Diana’s cove, Boil of the Boiler, Nymph’s cove,..

We start the walk at the parking lot of the Ninglinspo Inn in the tiny village Sedoz. If you enter the address Sedoz 27, 4920 Aywaille in your GPS it should be easy to find the place. dscf2234When we were there the paths were very icy and slippery, so take that into account when choosing the distance of your walk, as it slows you down quite a lot. We did the 7km walk 21, which is well marked with a blue rectangle and the number 21. So all you have to do is follow these signs, when you scroll down you’ll also find a small map of the walk.

The walk itself is very pleasant with a lot of crossings over little wooden bridges, some steep parts. It’s also a walk that is well manageable when you have kids and I am sure they will enjoy it. This weekend the temperatures had been already under 0°C for a while and large parts of the stream were frozen, leaving behind some natural formed ice sculptures and a real winterwonderland atmosphere. But also in other seasons this is a great stroll. So  go out and discover this beautiful small valley.


Ninglinspo in spring