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Summer is over I heard them say on the radio and when I look out of my window right now it looks they might be right. But this will not keep me from sharing this real healthy summer treat with you. Since I decided to lower my wine consumption I had to find a way to replace it with some healthy alternative. So no sugar bomb sodas or fruit juices for me, but water is, let’s be honest, rather dull. Instead I started experimenting with some fruit and herbs to brighten up that water and it turned out to be a refreshing and great alternative for drinks you buy in a shop. It’s getting even better because it is also really simple to make.

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One of my favorite flavored waters is the one with rosemary, lemon and ginger. You just take two sticks of fresh rosemary, cut a lemon in slices and chop up a piece of about 4 cm of ginger. Don’t take risks and go for an organic lemon. Than all throw it in a jug or a big jar, ideal as you can easily close it when you put it in the fridge. Slightly crush the ingredients to make the flavors come out, but don’t overdo it. Than fill the jar with water and put it in the fridge for a few hours.

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A more fruity version is the one with raspberry, mint and lime. You can easily use raspberries from the freezer when it’s not the season. Also here you better go for organic limes. Crush the mint leaves already a bit before you add them to the jar or jug.

Another good combination is peach and thyme.

Or what do you think of the subtle mix of mellon, cucumber and mint


Adding cucumber to some combinations makes it even more refreshing, for example cucumber, lime, red berry and mint. The combinations are endless…just get started and enjoy.

The jar on the pictures I bought at Dille & Kamille store

Let’s all hope for an Indian summer.