Spring isn’t over yet, but I thought it was a nice time to give a small update on our garden. It definitely was a slow start this year with the cool temperatures and lot of rain, but on the other hand this made for a much longer flowering season for the bulbs. It all started with the crocus in the flower meadow and than it went to the fantastic tulip season. So let’s start with some pictures of all this Spring beauty !

For the tulips this year it was a mixture of tulips of last year and a whole bunch of beauties I bought from Ronald van der Hilst. The most flamboyant was ‘Blushing Impression’, with it’s pastel yellow, apricot and pink. But I was also very keen on ‘Light and Dreamy’, ‘Dordogne’ and ‘Amazing Parrot’ (which have an amazing smell indeed). The later ones were the tall, white ‘Ronald van der Hilst’ Truly beautiful were ‘Absalon’and ‘Bridesmaid’.

After the tulips it was the turn of the Camassia and Alliums.

It’s always good to put the nice pictures first, but this winter and spring has also been the time of, again, some big works in the garden.

Our kitchen garden on the slope next to the greenhouse is completely redone. The old wooden raised beds started to dangerously bend, caused by wood rot and gravity. So I wanted to replace them with something that would keep forever, has low maintenance and still look good. So we came up with corten steel beds. This would also tie the kitchen together with some other corten elements in the garden. After digging and removing many m3 of soil I got them finally in. The result is really nice, in my opinion at least, and it makes maintenance in the kitchen garden much easier.

Another big change is the garden shed. The original building was not the prettiest and, with all the home work, we needed an office. So we got people to give it a drastic make-over, add a new roof, insolate it. The materials match quite well with our house. Natural slate on the roof, wooden beams and charred wood on the walls.

There is plenty of more I could talk about, but this is it for now. As always, feel free to comment or ask questions 🙂

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