It has been such a long time since I last posted an article on Springhill, but here I am with a small update. It has been unprecedented times and it made travel and garden visits less obvious. But that doesn’t mean our garden had less attention. I had quite some plans for the garden, but because of homeworking we realized that a bit more space would be quite welcome. So we are going to extend the house. As you can already guess this will have a big impact on the garden and will have to make me to rethink large parts of it.

Until these plans will become reality I focus on the upper part of the garden. Last few days I have been busy planting up part of the slope. This part of the garden is full sun, poor sand and lime soil and not much grew there spontaneously. So I planted this part up with plants that like dry, free-draining conditions. Lavender, Rosemary, Euphorbia, Salvia… just the name a few of the plants. This part will also be more of a bufferzone between the wildflower meadow and the more tamed prairie garden next to the pond. In the future some more plants from around the terrace will move to this zone.

Another little project we did is moving the compost zone from rather the middle of the garden, up behind the shed. I have no idea why we didn’t do this before. It was most of the time in full sight and not the most pretty things to look at. In this zone I extended the berry garden and it will become more of a forest kind of garden. The beech hedge plants were repurposed in other zones of the garden, so nothing got lost.

Before : The Compost zone with a lot of rubbish
After : New berry plants and place for more. The space opened up

And of course I also already started the sowing and repotting for the vegetable garden. This year I will plant 12 varieties of tomatoes of which almost are new varieties that I haven’t grown before.

Soon I will write and show some more of the garden when he gets back into shape, but I wanted to give you a sign of life. How are you all doing and what are your garden plans ? Let me know in the comments…